My kitchen is pretty exciting this month because my sister just recently returned from 4 months in Europe and mum and dad got back from 5 weeks in Fiji and Hawaii and lucky me, I got lots of presents.

In my kitchen is a papaya seed dressing mix from Hawaii. Now I’ll just have to wait for my greens to grow back so I can use it.


In my kitchen is a beautiful new bowl from Morocco and a special Spanish spice mix. The bowl was used the night I got it and I’ve been enjoying my pre-dinner nibbles in it every night since.


In my kitchen are some pretty cupcake liners. I’m thinking some sort of banana cupcakes will have to be made in the monkey cups. Agree?


In my kitchen is a serving fork. Originally, in Fiji, these were made for tribal chiefs to eat with so they didn’t have to use their hands. This was back in the cannibal days. Kinda gross right?


In my kitchen is a packet of sugar cane skewers. I’m thinking these would be perfect just as they say on the packet, threaded with delicious prawns and a simple marinade, cooked on the BBQ.


In my kitchen is a packet of black lava salt. I’m not sure how to use this yet but I think it’s used similarly to regular salt with more health benefits.


In my kitchen are two fancy meat rubs. These will be great for summer BBQs too.


In my kitchen is a tiny cookbook brought back from Italy by my sister. She stayed in a home-stay type place for almost a week at the end of her trip and every night they cooked three course meals and everyone staying there ate together at the table. She sent me some seriously enviable snapchats and Instagram photos.

The recipes in here all seem nice and simple using fresh ingredients. I can’t wait to try them.


In my kitchen is a lovely selection of Hawaiian teas. I haven’t opened them yet but I think my first will be passionfruit and orange – two of my favourite flavours at the moment.


In my kitchen is a 2.5kg bag of chocolate ready for my chocolate making experimenting thanks to Celia’s tutorial. I have a few chocolate moulds somewhere (haven’t seen them since we moved) but I’m going to shout myself a couple more for my experimenting. I can’t wait.

Present from Celia

Would you believe that as I was writing this post, actually about when I was writing the chocolate part above, a courier van pulled up out the front. I’ve been ordering a few things online lately (Christmas presents I swear) so didn’t get my hopes up that the giant box would be for me, then I saw Celia’s name in the sender box I got very excited.

It’s possibly the best thing that has ever arrived in the mail. As soon as I’d finished my lunch I gobbled up a chocolate freckle and a feuilletine chocolate. Celia, you sure know how to make chocolate. If I get anywhere close to yours I’ll be happy. I don’t think this box will last long. Would it be bad to hide it from Will?

I think my niece would go crazy for a chocolate golden ticket in her Christmas stocking and the other fancy mould will be perfect for Christmas chocolates. I’ll keep you updated on my progress. Thank you so much Celia! Can’t wait to bake with the flour either.


In my kitchen is a small piece of coconut rough fudge from Port Fairy. It is possibly the best fudge I’ve ever had – so smooth and not too sweet – and it’s sold at a small stand at the Newsagent in the main street. They were so friendly too letting us taste all the flavours before we made our purchase.


In my kitchen is a new copy of Jamie’s 30 minute Meals. There’s a bit of  a story behind this. I was in a bookshop at Noosa contemplating whether to buy Save with Jamie or not. I decided to treat myself but the books on display were all piled under a couple of books that were fancily placed and I didn’t want to ruin the display. I spotted some more books on a shelf so grabbed it, paid and off I went.

It wasn’t until I got home that I realised I’d bought the wrong book. In my defence, they both had Jamie on the front, blue and silver writing. Will promises that he’ll get me Save with Jamie for Christmas. Fingers crossed.


In my kitchen is an old-school egg beater that I bought at an antique shop in Warrnambool on my trip to visit The Kiwi (aka Miss Victoria… may have gotten her name mixed up). She talked me into getting them and I’m so glad she did. Look out for them in an upcoming post some time soon.

I told you there was a lot going on in my kitchen. As always don’t forget to pop over to Fig Jam and Lime Cordial aka home of the chocolate queen to take a look in other bloggers’ kitchens.