How exciting to be sharing my first In My Kitchen post of the year. I just realised I’ve been writing these posts since November 2011! That’s a lot of kitchen sharing. Without further ado… in my kitchen are three of the smallest potatoes I’ve ever seen. They are my entire harvest from the five plants I had. I guess we won’t be self-sufficient when it comes to potatoes any time soon but something is better than nothing right?


In my kitchen is a new set of rainbow steak knives, a Christmas present from Mum and Dad. Can’t wait to fire up the barbie and give these a go.


In my kitchen is a pasta drying rack, a Christmas gift from my lovely husband. Will asked me to give him a list of things I wanted for Christmas last year. When he read the list he told me it was all stupid and could I ask for better things. He gave in and stuck to the list. I’m seeing spaghetti in the near future.


In my kitchen is a new waffle iron, a Christmas gift from my grandma. I am seriously excited about making waffles. I think Mother Thyme’s banana bread waffles may be the christening recipe.


In my kitchen is a new cake stand, another Christmas gift from Mum and Dad. It can be used as a cake stand or turned upside down for a little cake and cupcakes or cheese and biccies or even a dip on top with some bread around it on the bottom.


In my kitchen is a fruit bowl full of bananas from the Noosa Farmer’s Market. They were offering the spray-free bananas for $5 for 2kg and I couldn’t resist. I may have had waffles on my mind.


In my kitchen is Save with Jamie, another gift from the hubs (it was on the list too). I tried out the beef brisket this week and although it looked nothing like Jamie’s version it was a success.


In my kitchen is a container of cacoa  and one of organic dried apples. The apples are for snacks and the cacoa because I have wanted to try it for ages. It goes nicely in my afternoon healthy banana smoothie.


Finally, in my kitchen is the guessing board for Bubba’s arrival. I’m down for a girl on the 6th of February. Anyone else want to place a bet (due date is February 9)? I’m not sure that there’s a prize but you can have the glory.

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