Dulche de Leche

My In My Kitchen post for this month is a little bit exotic. Right now my kitchen is jam-packed with goodies I found on my adventures in South America. I didn’t buy much while I was away but of what I did buy, most of it was food-related, as you can expect. So without further ado…

In my kitchen is a jar of dulce de leche. I was introduced to this in Argentina (yes I know we have it here or I can make it but it’s different on holidays) and fell in love. It was so delicious. My favourite way to eat it was with ice-cream.

Antique silver cake slice

In my kitchen is an antique silver-plated cake slice that I bought at a flee market in Chile in a small town. The little old man selling it was so cute. It scrubbed up nicely after a dip in my homemade silver cleaner.

Corn nuts

In my kitchen are corn nuts. This was my second addiction while I was away. They’re from Peru and they are so good. They’re like popcorn just before it pops – crunchy but soft in the middle. I could eat the whole bag!


In my kitchen are some little pots I got at the markets in Cuzco. I was searching for a chip bowl but after 5 weeks I found nothing. I don’t know what South American people eat their chips out of but it’s not a bowl. I’m looking forward to making use of these.

Diddle Dee Jam

In my kitchen is diddle dee jam that I bought in the Falkland Islands where I saw the penguins. It’s made out of a berry that grows wild everywhere. I haven’t tried it yet but it’s meant to be quite sweet.

Peruvian placemats

In my kitchen are a new set of place mats that I bought at the markets in Machu Picchu. The colours at the markets were amazing. All the locals dress in such vibrant colours too. I think you’d have to be happy dressing so brightly every day.

Plastic toothpicks

In my kitchen are some plastic toothpicks that mum bought me in a kitchen shop in Buenos Aires. They were the only thing we hadn’t seen before. I love the colours. Thanks mum!

Clay bowls

In my kitchen are some clay bowls that I bought in Santiago, Chile. A few hours before, we’d been served lunch in the same bowls at a restaurant and when I saw them at the markets I had to have them.

Teeny tiny spoons

Last but not least, in my kitchen are some teeny tiny spoons to go with my little ceramic dishes. I think they’ll be perfect for salt and pepper. Now it’s time to find a home for all my new goodies.

What about you? What’s in your kitchen this month?

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