The bowl that may cost me

I am very very grateful that somehow my mother brought me up to have self-control when it comes to things like chocolate. I think, having access to treats whenever we wanted them, make us a lot less likely to scoff a whole packet of biscuits should they present themselves to us. So it is my mother I have to thank for the fact that I won this massive bowl of my very favourite chocolates – milk chocolate Lindt balls- (thanks Lindt!) and I have restrained myself to eating just one chocolate every night after dinner. I’m also going to share them around because even I can’t eat that many chocolates.

The day the box arrived I got home after Will. I opened the front door only to see a huge box marked ‘Lindt’ sitting on the kitchen table. I think the look on my face would have been comparable with that of a child on Christmas morning. Will was a little put out that I was almost more excited to see the box of chocolates than I was to see him.

So the giant and I mean giant, there would be about a kilo of chocolate in that bowl, bowl of Lindt chocolate is the first item in my kitchen this month.

Woolies macarons

I’m going to come across as a snobby bride when you read what I have to say about the next item in my kitchen. In my kitchen is a box of macarons that I bought at Woolies for $7.50. Why am I a snob? I am a snob because after seeing macarons in Woolies, I don’t think they’re quite as special and am re-thinking my wedding dessert ideas. The Woolies macarons were pretty tasty and are authentically straight from France. They freeze them before they send them on their journey and then Woolies puts the defrosted version out on the shelves.

My favourite type of reading material

In my kitchen is a stack of new recipe books – an engagement gift that we recently received from a friend. You can imagine my delight when I opened it! They even fit perfectly on a newly-decluttered shelf. The cookie book is my favourite so far. I’ve made three recipes from it; ginger nuts, choc-swirl cookies and orange stars (recipe to come). They’ve all been perfect.

Christmas presents from my kitchen

In my kitchen are jars of fresh homemade Tomato sauce ready to be gifted for Christmas. After a re-count of the present list I realised I didn’t have enough so there’s another batch simmering away on the stove as I type. I’m going to have to have pasta for dinner I think.

Birthday presents from my kitchen

In my kitchen is an adorably-wrapped basket of orange stars (recipe to come) that we gave to Will’s mum for her Birthday yesterday. It was the latest recipe I’ve made from the cookie book. I might have kept a few for myself, only because they didn’t fit in the basket of course. I’ve been enjoying them with a cup of tea.

That wraps up my kitchen tour for December (still can’t believe it’s December!). What about you, what’s going on in your kitchen this month?

Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial started off the tradition of in-my-kitchen posts. You can check out Celia and lots of other bloggers’ kitchens here.


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