Little rascal

In my kitchen this month there is a cheeky toddler. When Ollie was sick, he refused to sit in the highchair. We tried so many different ones with no luck. Now we know it was that he didn’t want to be around food because it hurt his mouth and it wasn’t the highchair at all but we did discover that he loves sitting up at the kitchen bench.

We have the Phil and Teds Lobster chair and it’s great. It’s pretty tricky for him to get out of and he loves being up and part of the action. It’s really good for teaching him all about cooking and food which as you can imagine is high on my list.

What he doesn’t love apparently is my cooking. These are the three stages of giving him something new.

1. Ollie ‘What is this rubbish you are trying to pass off as dinner mum?!?’ ‘Why my darling it’s homemade from scratch slow cooker beef pies with wholemeal yoghurt crust which I thought you’d love.’

2. ‘Well I don’t love it I’m going to tip it out everywhere.’

3. ‘Nope still can’t stand it get it out of my way!’ (sweeps said pie as far away as possible)

Oh the joys. One day he’ll appreciate my cooking right?


In my kitchen are some new reusable food pouches – Little Mashies. I used to have some rectangular ones which were great in theory but I couldn’t clean them properly and food would get stuck in the corners. These ones are so simple to clean and Ollie loves the cute characters. I fill them with my ‘power yoghurt’ which is yoghurt blended up with nuts, seeds, veges, avo, berries – anything and everything I can pack in to give the little guy a boost.


In my kitchen is a double yolker – our first ever. This came from the most enormous 79g egg. We haven’t had another in the 70s yet but one of the chickens lays some giant eggs.


In my kitchen is my first sourdough multigrain loaf in a while. I measured out the water for the loaf then soaked all the seeds I could find in it for an hour before making the dough. It was absolutely delicious. Of course the first slice must be eaten warm and spread with butter.


In my kitchen are some little succulents that I got creative with. I’ll be sending the instructions to subscribers soon so stay tuned. If you haven’t subscribed you can subscribe here.


In my kitchen are some homegrown potatoes gifted to me from a lovely mother’s group friend. Ollie had some baked for dinner last night and they were absolutely delicious. This friend’s husband has a serious green thumb and every time we visit I am envious of his amazing vege garden. One day I’ll keep mine alive long enough for people to envy it.


In my kitchen is a full tray of eggs which is a first. The girls are finally all laying nearly ever day and I can’t tell you how excited I was go to out one morning and find three eggs sitting in the nesting box. We seem to go through them at lightening speed but that’s probably because they’re so delicious!


In my kitchen is a copy of Naked Cakes (gifted). It is full of the most beautiful looking rudey nudey cakes and I have to say, some of them look prettier than iced cakes I’ve seen. Now I just need an occasion to make one for.


In my kitchen is a slow cooker with a giant hunk of beef brisket. I’ve started stocking the freezer ready for when the baby comes but we enjoyed a little of this meat shredded in burritos the other night. I just used the meat instead of mince.

Mac milk

Finally, in my kitchen I have (ok had because I drank them) two bottles of Macadamia Milk from Suncoast Gold (gifted). I must admit I used it mostly in smoothies because it was so yummy in my chocolate one but it also worked well instead of milk in some muffins.

Thanks to Suncoast Gold, you have the chance to win a giant Macadamia prize pack including:

  • 12x Macadamia Milk Original and Unsweetened 1l (6x of each flavour)
  • 1x Macadamia Oil 500ml
  • 4x Flavoured Macadamia Nut Snack Packs 125g (Wasabi, Honey Roasted, Cashew Mix and Sea Salt)
  • 1x New ‘The Blender Girl Smoothies’ book by Tess Masters

To enter, follow the instructions below:
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What about you? What’s in your kitchen this month? Don’t forget to take a peek in other blogger’s kitchens over at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial.