Basket of goodies

I can’t quite believe that this is my last In My Kitchen post before I’m a married woman. That’s right, May’s In My Kitchen will be brought to you by a wife (can you tell I’m getting a little bit excited?). This month I have a lot to share. My wonderful bridesmaids threw me a fantastic bridal shower a few weeks ago and I was given so many exciting goodies. I still have them all layed out in this basket so I can admire them. Yes I’m a very lucky girl!

Baking goodies

In my kitchen are some gorgeous baking bits. I got the two containers of sprinkles for my Birthday (named after me!). I’ll have to put my thinking cap on to come up with a good idea to use them all. I’ve already used a little of the cinnamon to make yesterday’s cinnamon circles.

My grandma’s recipes

In my kitchen is my grandma’s recipe book. It was my gift from her at my bridal shower and I was so excited and grateful to receive such a special gift. Every recipe is hand-written and there are even some written by my great-grandma. I will treasure it. Other guests also very kindly shared some family recipes with me and I’m so honored. I can’t wait to make them all.

Spicing up our lives

In my kitchen is a collection of spices. I’m going to have to up my spice pain threshold and try all of these out.

Pretty tea towels

In my kitchen is a collection of new tea towels. I’m a little bit of a tea towel hoarder and love having pretty ones hanging in the kitchen.

More tasty goodies

In my kitchen are some lovely looking preserves and conserves. You can see I have some serious baking to do. I can’t wait to get into the dukkah with some warm crusty bread and olive oil.

Cupcakes and preserves

In my kitchen is a preserves cook book and a classic cupcake book. Preserves have always scared me a little bit but the recipes in here sound so easy and delicious.

Kitchen utensils in my favourite colour

In my kitchen are some fabulous new kitchen utensils. It makes cooking even more fun when you have pretty utensils.

Birthday goodies

In my kitchen are some polka dot melamine plates and bowls and  a new green silicone baking mat. Both were Birthday gifts from mum and dad. Thanks mum and dad! Now you don’t have to see the orange mat every time I work with dough.

That wraps up my kitchen tour for April. Next month there will be a wife in my kitchen!

What about you? What’s in your kitchen this month?

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