For the first time in a while I actually have quite a bit going on in my kitchen. At 3am on my Birthday while I was feeding little Ollie, I decided to buy myself a few presents on Peters of Kensington. I may have gone a little overboard.

In my kitchen is a pie bird that I have wanted for ages. I haven’t really made all that many pies but now I’ll have to. In my kitchen is a new 2 cup measuring cup to replace the one that I dropped last year.


In my kitchen is a new quiche dish after my old one mysteriously cracked in the oven. I used it this week to make my crustless zucchini quiche but I’m going to give the recipe on the bottom a whirl at some stage.


In my kitchen are a few new baking tins. The only thing that didn’t survive the move when we moved into our house was my rectangular tart tin. The base disappeared never to be seen again so it was time for a replacement. I’ve always wanted mini tart tins and a Madeleine tin as well. I thought the bundt tins were a little larger though so I may have to get a few more of those.


In my kitchen are three sizes of pyrex baking dish. I always borrow mum’s when I need to make something like potato bake so I thought it was time I got my own. There is also a little enamel pie dish which is more of a prop than for actual baking.


In my kitchen are some samples of raw snack bars and balls from At One (gifted). These guys are a husband and wife team based in Noosa who make a range of healthy, raw, natural snack products made from the best healthy ingredients with no sugar and no additives. They’re currently selling at the Wednesday Jan Powers Farmers Markets but hoping to start selling in stores some time soon once they have raised enough funds for the first lot of packaging and to create their website.

The flavours I tried were lemon chia raw superbar, cacao and incaberry raw superbar and cacao brownie raw superball and fig and white mulberry raw superball. My favourite was the cacao and incaberry but my sister was taken by the lemon.


In my kitchen are some Easter tea towels, a gift from my mum. I’m sure you’ll see them in a photo or two in the next few weeks.


In my kitchen are some new goodies from Barilla (gifted). So far I’ve only used the Pappardelle but I have an idea for a bit of a slow-cooked pasta bake with the ricotta sauce.


In my kitchen is a jar of muesli topper that I made myself after being too cheap to pay for the one at the health food shop. I filled it with sunflower seeds, pepitas, chia seeds, linseed, quinoa flakes and chopped walnuts.


In my kitchen is a pretty new whisk and matching spatula, a gift from Miss Victoria for my Birthday. Thanks Miss Victoria I love them!


In my kitchen are two new little mason jars with handles and lids. I was very excited to find them in my local junk shop for $2 a jar!


In my kitchen is a beautiful cake plate to match my tea cups. It was a Birthday gift from Miss Sydney and Twinnie. I’m still trying to find a cake worth of it.


In my kitchen is some fancy apple juice I picked up from a local market recently. I have been using it for my bircher muesli and was very excited to see that I can buy it through my fruit and vege delivery service.


In my kitchen are some mini capsicums purchased from the same market. I bought them so I can dry out the seeds. I also gave some to a family friend who has a much greener thumb than me just in case mine don’t work.

What about you? What’s in your kitchen this month?

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