Mexican Before I take you into my kitchen today, did you notice something a little different around here? That’s right Claire K Creations has had a serious facelift. I’ve been so excited about it for weeks and weeks  and finally the new look is live. A big thanks to Aileen at Aileen Barker for her wonderful work and unbelievable patience with me when I replied with vague emails like ‘it still just doesn’t look right but I don’t know why.’ Thanks Aileen!

Ok back to the kitchen. In my kitchen this month are lots of Birthday presents from my wonderful family and friends. My girlfriends gave me this set of Mexican serving ware and I was so excited I made fajitas the next day. Our little group is planning on hosting a My Kitchen Rules challenge and Will and I have already reserved the Mexican theme so I think we have it in the bag.

South Indian Korma pasteIn my kitchen is another jar of curry paste from Mudgeeraba Spices. I tried out their butter chicken a while back and loved it so was keen to try some more. Mild-medium is about as hot as I’d go. We had it last night and I needed a bucket of rice to keep me from sticking my tongue in the freezer. The flavour is incredible though. They’re the most authentic curry pastes I’ve found so far with no hidden nasties and they’re made here in Queensland.

The lindt familyIn my kitchen is a family of Lindt bunnies including a whopping 500g monster. The baby bunny is no longer here but the others remain ready for me to devour or making into something indulgent.

Glass bottlesIn my kitchen are some fancy water bottles that mum stole from a restaurant at Noosa. Ok she didn’t steal them, she asked if she could take them and they said yes. The big ones are 1L and the little one 500ml. I’m not sure what I’ll do with them yet but I feel a DIY craft project coming on.

Vintage kitchen scalesIn my kitchen is my beautiful antique set of kitchen scales, a Birthday present from my friend Amy. She sent me a photo of a pair she bought herself a couple of months ago and after telling her how jealous I was, she went back and bought me the other set. I am in love. Also in my kitchen are some cute little glass jars, a Birthday present from my cousin. She gave me some fancy new tea towels as well.

It was pretty funny when I opened them. She had this look on her face and I said ‘oh yay I really wanted new tea towels!’ She said ‘yes I wasn’t sure about tea towels as a present but your mum said you wanted them.’ I do ask from some strange things.

Fancy cake standIn my kitchen is a gorgeous new antique-style cake stand from mum and dad. I need to find a delicate cake recipe to christen it with very soon. Right now it has pride of place on my shelves because it’s too pretty to be in a cupboard.

Grow cook eatIn my kitchen is a new cookbook/gardening guide from my sister and her man. It has tips on how to grow just about anything and then recipes to use your homegrown produce.

Fancy saltIn my kitchen is some fancy salt, a gift from a family friend. It is blended with lavender and calendula flours and is almost too pretty to use. I haven’t decided what I’ll use it for first yet. Any ideas?

Dried fruitIn my kitchen is some dried fruit ready to go into my first sourdough fruit loaf. I made a deal with mum that if she bought the fruit I’d make her some fruit toast. Better hold up my end of the deal!

Hot chocolate stickIn my kitchen is a decadent hot chocolate spoon, a Birthday gift from another lovely friend. I bought a bottle of Barambah milk yesterday so I’m ready to devour this one night after dinner.

Glass jarsFinally, in my kitchen are some more pretty jars from mum and dad. I’m not sure what they’re officially designed for but I’ve got them ear-marked for olive oil on the table or salad dressings and sauces. Right now they look rather pretty on my shelf.

That wraps up another month’s tour in my kitchen. If you want to have a peek in a few more kitchens from around the blogosphere, head over to Fig Jam and Lime Cordial.

What about you? What’s happening in your kitchen this month? What do you think of the new design? Anything else you’d like to see?