Treats from Capertree

It’s that time again…

In my kitchen this month is a hamper full of saffron goodies from Capertee Valley Saffron. Call me naive but I never knew we grew saffron here in Australia. Capertee Valley Saffron is owned and operated by husband and wife team Greg and Katrin Dixon and you can see some beautiful photos of their property in this gallery. I might have to do a story on these guys because I find the whole process of growing saffron very interesting.

Macadamia butter

In my kitchen is some fresh macadamia butter made by blending up the raw nuts in my blender. It is so delicious – almost better than peanut butter. Next time I’m going to roast the nuts a little first. This cupful went into gluten free macadamia biscuits that you’ll see here soon.

Tea cup and tray

In my kitchen is a cute little cup and saucer and matching tea tray from my aunt. She is out visiting from Spain at the moment and brought this gift all the way across the world. A bite of the big apple

In my kitchen is a new cookbook – A Bite of the Big Apple, a gift from my lovely mother. I don’t know that I’ve announced it here yet but Will and I are off to New York City very soon! I’ll have to get up on the food lingo before then.

Bananas & garlic

In my kitchen are some local bananas and fresh garlic from my friend’s grandparents-in-law’s farm. It may be little but it sure packs a punch and worked wonders in scaring off my pending cold last week.

Giant pineapple

In my kitchen is a giant pineapple from the Noosa Farmer’s Market. This guy weighed in at 3kg and cost me just $3. I chose him because he was spray-free but didn’t realise what a bargain I was getting.


In my kitchen is a harvest of chili, shallots and mint from the garden. I have chili and mint galore at the moment so took some over to mum when we went to dinner the other night. Macadamia nuts

In my kitchen is a kilo of macadamia nuts from Australian Macadamias. I’ve been slowly eating baking my way through them. The first treat will appear tomorrow. Seriously though, every time I walk past them I grab a few. I’ve probably eaten half a kilo in a week.Homemade salsa

Finally, in my kitchen is a little pot of salsa from the whole-food stall at the Noosa Farmer’s Markets. These guys make the best goodies with no preservatives or nasties with all organic and local produce. I’m saving it for a Mexican feast we’re having here next Friday for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day.

What about you? What’s in your kitchen this month?

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