I’m just scraping in for the cut-off for this months’s In My Kitchen post. We have had another rough week with a sick little man so the blog has had to take a backseat. But I still wanted to pop in and share my kitchen.

My Aunt (Mum’s sister) and Uncle from Spain have been out visiting for the last month. Sadly today they headed home. The time always goes way too quickly and I hate the airport farewell. This year the farewell was from our living room while I nursed a sick baby in my pyjamas at 11am but it was still very sad.

My lovely Aunt always arrives with some fancy gifts and this foie gras was one of them. So prettily packaged too.

In My Kitchen July 2015 via

Another gift from my Aunt in my kitchen is this handy spoon holder that attaches to the side of the pot. No more mess and no more spoon overheating from me leaning it on the pot.

In My Kitchen July 2015 via

She also brought me these beautiful paprikas with hand-painted little wooden spoons. I think I’ll have to come up with a recipe to feature these all on their own.


In my kitchen is a big board of brainstorming. There are big changes coming to the blog. I’m not entirely sure what those will be yet but they will be positive and they will be good for everyone involved. Don’t worry, deliciousness will remain. There will also be a lot of extra goodies for subscribers so if you’re not on the list – get on it! I think it’s a bit of ‘nesting’ happening in blog form.


In my kitchen are two lemons from our tree collected by my little man. He was so proud of himself picking them up off the ground and now every time we pass the tree he wants to go and check that there are none sitting on the ground. These two were juiced for my morning lemon tea and I got ½ a cup from just the two.


In my kitchen is a batch of berry chia jam that I made for Mr Ollie. I scooped it on top of his porridge, yoghurt and on toast – delicious and super healthy.


In my kitchen are two sizes of silicone muffin trays. I am obsessed. I just got the larger size last week and I have used them at least 5 times already. They’re so very handy for the obvious – baking – but also great for freezing all sorts of things like stock and sauces.

They’d be great for baby food too. I just wish I’d thought of them when Ollie was at the puree stage. The recipe for these passionfruit and white chocolate friands will be up soon.
What about you? What’s in your kitchen this month?