Last year was a doozy for me.

It was so amazing in so many ways and I achieve so much more than I ever have before in my business… but I got sick.

A lot.

Last year I was bedridden with nasty viruses 3 times. I think the last time I was bedridden with a bug was about 13 years ago.

I was so so sick.

Thankfully they were all things that I recovered ok from, although recovery from the flu took months.

I’m thinking of it as a lesson rather than a blow.

Someone once said to me:

The universe is constantly sending us signs.

At first, it will be a light little tap. A warning telling us something needs to change.

If we don’t listen, it will give us a bit of a shove. A ‘come on, time to listen and make some changes!’.

If we still don’t listen, then it will push us over. Sometimes literally.

My body wanted me to take time out and rest. But I didn’t listen.

So the universe took it into its own hands and made me physically unable to do anything other than take time out and rest.

2018 is going to be different.

I’m taking time out.

I’m having naps when I’m exhausted.

I’m sitting and soaking my feet.

I’m saying no to things I don’t want to do.

There will be no guilt.

I’m making a commitment.

For February, my commitment is to take care of my body physically and mentally through exercise.

I’ve created #fitfeb18 for myself as a challenge to exercise in some way every day for at least 20 minutes. Not to lose weight (although I do have a few extra Christmas kgs I could shed), not even to get fit. Just to make time for myself and to clear my mind. 

Some ideas:

  • walk/run – hit the streets and go on an adventure
  • gym class – take a class at your local gym or better yet, do a free week trial at somewhere new and try something different
  • yoga – I love Yoga With Adriene on Youtube – she’s got classes for all stages and they range from 7 minute sessions to an hour
  • Instagram workout – find your favourite fitness queen and check out their Instagram feed. So many of them post mini workout circuits that are great for a quick fix

It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as I do it.

If you want to join me, I’ve made a free printable tracker because I don’t know about you, but marking things on a calendar helps motivate me. You can grab your copy here.

I’ll also be keeping in touch with my favourite mum-friendly exercises and what I’m doing each day of FitFeb18.

Are you in?

p.s. I also talked more about it on this week’s podcast episode.

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