Christmas candle creations

I hope everyone is having a very Merry Christmas Eve. I had a wonderful start to mine this morning. I was out burning off some room for the Christmas feasting (that has already begun ;-)) when a lovely man handed me a beautiful yellow rose with a ‘Merry Christmas love.’ I was so chuffed I smiled the whole way home.

I have a few last minute Christmas things to post but this is a very simple one – some table decorations to add to your Christmas that you can whip up this afternoon should you feel the desire to get crafty.

I whipped these up in no time for our early Christmas dinner last week. Coles and Woolies have bags of the mixed nuts for about $5 and you can get the long candles there too. Throw it all in a nice vase (thank you to my lovely friend who let us keep the vases from her wedding!) and you have instant festive candle holders.

The water jug/candle holder does look a little more childish but another simple and quick Christmas decoration. Glue sequins to the outside of a cleaned, recycled bottle and voila. Merry Christmas!

Nuts for candles