Hey there overwhelmed Mum!

Let's get your kitchen sorted so you can ditch the overwhelm & stop 'just getting through the day.'

(in less than 5 mins a day)

We kick off on Monday, September 24.

Hi, I'm Claire.

I run Claire K Creations where I help overwhelmed mum declutter, simplify and organise their homes & their lives so they can start enjoying their days.

I'm also a Mum to two little boys (4&3) and when my little guy was 6 month old, I had a really rough time.

There was no 'real' reason for me to struggle.

Everyone was healthy.

We had a roof over our heads and everything we needed, but I felt like I was drowning.

I. Never. Stopped.

I felt like if I just kept going and doing and moving then maybe I would get on top of life.

Maybe I would feel like less of a failure.

But... then I got overwhelmed.

Most days I woke up with this awful tight feeling in my chest.

Turns out it was anxiety. Who knew?!

It took me some time to come around to the idea that my mind was sending me a message...

'Slow the F$%# down woman before you wear us all out!'

You'd think crying in a corner over nothing would have been a warning sign.

Not for me. I was determined to keep on top of ev-ry-thing!

I finally accepted that things had to change.

I didn't want to feel this way - like I was just getting through the days - any longer.

So I got help.

I started researching and reading and watching documentaries and listening to podcasts.


I started experimenting. I started decluttering, simplifying and organising and making time for myself. A little at a time. Not big changes that would make me even more overwhelmed, little changes that I could do. That made me feel like I was accomplishing something.

And slowly...

Things got better.

I felt more in control (of my life).

The days didn't drag on and on.

I wasn't crying all the time.

We got out of the house.

Here's the thing...

I’ve got two very energetic little boys.

I run my own small business.

I like to cook wholefoods (we're not ordering Uber Eats every night at least). 

I don’t have a nanny or personal chef (although I wouldn't say no to either one!).

If I CAN reduce my overwhelm and anxiety, YOU CAN too.

You can totally do it yourself.

You can do what I did. You can watch the documentaries, read the blogs & books, listen to the podcasts, speak to the professionals and experiment to find what works.


I can help you.


A 4-week program, where I will personally help you ditch the overwhelm, clear the clutter, simplify & organise your kitchen, so you can feel like you're actually in control of one part of your life.

Why the kitchen?

I know you're thinking 'but everything in my life overwhelms me!'

Kitchen = heart of the home

Mum (usually) = heart of the kitchen.

4-weeks of step-by-step, small actions (with me by your side) to help you declutter and center the heart of your home (the kitchen and YOU). 

So that you have one place you feel at peace & in control.

It's not just the decluttering of the kitchen. It's showing you how small, simple, manageable decluttering tasks can add up to a big change. This is only just the beginning for you.

So what is it exactly?

"Just wanted to say thank you for putting together such a fantastic program... (it) has made a massive difference to our kitchen and to my mental state...You are a wonderwoman with this stuff!"


"Thank you Claire. Through this I am starting to finally sort myself out, not just in the kitchen but in other areas. I look so forward to the day I can go to bed and know I am done and I can actually rest… It’s a lot closer than it was a week ago thanks to you."



You walk out in the morning to a clear kitchen.

The rest of the house may be a work in progress but you see that clear space & everything feels ok.

You finally feel like you have something under control.

... then that feeling starts to spread.

All you have to do

Is follow the simple, quick busy-mum-friendly daily exercises that I’ve created just for you.

How much is it?

Really that should say 'how much is the investment' because you're helping YOU - investing in your most important asset!

I’ve done the personal development (wow have I done a lot of learning about myself) & hours of research.

I’ve read 100s of $$ of books.

I’ve spent hours listening to podcasts & talking to professionals.

I've experimented & trialed & tweaked.


I’ve put all my hard-earned experience and knowledge together for you for:


VIP offer ends in...


I 100% believe in my program but if, after the first week, you’ve completed the modules and aren’t satisfied, I’ll refund you no questions asked.


Tackle the Toys

My quick guide to decluttering, simplifying and organising those damn toys that we're all drowning in ($15).

28 days, 28 exercises, where I help you step-by-step ($497 value)

4 bonuses ($64 value)


Just $97

VIP offer ends in...

VIP offer ends in...

Click here for the payment plan ($27/week for 3 weeks)