Business lessons from the very cranky bear

Every night at bedtime, we do bedtime stories. My big guy often gets creative and mixes things up with his selection but the little guy, well once he finds something he likes, I can expect to know it by heart within a month.

Take The Very Cranky Bear.

I’ve read it so many times I couldn’t tell you but when I read it recently, it sent me a message…

Business lessons from The Very Cranky Bear

I think it’s a lot better if you listen to me read the story before you keep reading. Settle in for story time. Don’t worry, I spared you my character voices just this once.

The gist of it is, we can know what our customer’s (the bear) problems are – he’s cranky but, if we don’t ask why and get to the bottom of why they have that problem, we might try to fix his problem the way we’d fix a problem for ourselves like a zebra painting stripes on a bear to cheer him up because stripes make the zebra happy.

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Little Miss Sheep comes along and actually listens to the bear. She doesn’t just see he has a problem but really listens to the why behind his problem and learns that the poor thing is just tired.

So she makes him a pillow… everyone’s happy!

Business lessons from the very cranky bear

Where in your business are you trying to put zebra stripes on a bear?

How about asking why your bear is cranky and really getting to the bottom of it?

Seriously, if someone really takes the time to get to know you and learn what’s really keeping you awake at night (haha couldn’t help myself with that reference), are you going to buy from them when they come up with a tailored solution for you?

I think yes.

So where can you ask why? Then ask why’s that and why’s that until you get right down to the heart of the problem.