Dad enjoying the crab

I hope all the dads had a wonderful Father’s Day yesterday and were spoilt rotten by their children. I had the family to lunch to celebrate and served up one of dad’s favourite foods – Alaskan crab legs. He definitely deserved it. Not that he doesn’t deserve it every year but this year he’s been going beyond the call of duty with wedding planning and hasn’t even come close to chucking a ‘George Banks.’

We only recently found a place to buy the Alaskan crab in Brisbane. There is a stall in the Eagle Farm markets that sells all types of fresh seafood including the prized crab. If you’ve never had Alaskan crab before, it is a delicate and sweet meat which, according to research can also reduce risk of heart attack, stroke, obesity and hypertension. You might have seen them before on The Deadliest Catch – fishing for them is one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States.

Steaming the crab legs

The crabs come cooked and can be eaten cold but we like them hot. To heat them up, put them in a baking dish with a little water on the bottom and cover it with aluminum foil. Place the dish in a 100C oven for about 15 to 20 minutes. Serve the crab with lemon wedges and lemon butter. To make the lemon butter, melt butter with some lemon juice and a little zest.

Alaskan crab legs

I’m not quite expert on serving them yet so mum did the hard work for us and ran a knife down the inside of the shell to help us get the meat out. It’s quite a tough job but it’s worth it for the delicious meat. Those little spikes are super sharp and you have to be really careful getting into them. I wouldn’t recommend eating them if you don’t have crab crackers.

The work bench

If you do decide to tackle the crab, set the table with crab crackers, crab forks, a few little finger bowls and lots of napkins. It’s also best not to wear your favourite clothes. Now I’ve made it sound like an impossible feat but let me emphasize again, it’s worth it!

What about you, how did you celebrate Father’s Day?

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