8 healthy ANZAC recipes so you can enjoy baking ANZAC biscuits on ANZAC day without having to gorge yourself on sugar. Easy and delicious recipes.

8 healthy anzac recipes

I could have spent the last week in the kitchen experimenting and tasting and baking and testing and eating… all trying to come up with an incredible 8 healthy ANZAC recipes for you.

Or… I could do all the searching for you and put all my findings in the one place so you don’t have to do any research (let’s be honest last week I was on holidays at the beach sleeping in past 6am and enjoying some down time).

How does that sound?

The boys off to golf

These days, while I still love experimenting with healthy recipes – I’m still me afterall! – our weekends are pretty precious so I prefer to spend them doing things like playing mini golf.

How cute are my little golfers?!?

It started off fun. I got a par on the first hole and started sneakily marking down our scores on the score sheet. That lasted about 2 holes til I got a 5 and decided I didn’t want to compete any more.

8 Healthy ANZAC recipes for ANZAC day- gluten free, dairy free and sugar free recipes

I’ll give my husband his due, he didn’t even gloat about kicking my butt! The boys did very well too even if the little guy did make his own rules. The main thing was they actually we all, had fun.

Where was I? Oh yes, ANZACS.

Here are some of the most delicious looking healthy ANZAC recipes I could find around the web.

8 healthy anzac recipes

8 healthy ANZAC recipes


Anzac banana muffins

1 Dairy-free Anzac Banana muffins

This is one of my own recipes made using coconut flour and coconut milk. They’re pretty dense but rather delicious warm. (click here for the recipe).


2 Anzac biscuit bliss balls

There can’t be a healthy recipe roundup without bliss balls. The thing I like most about these – no waiting for them to bake. (click here for the recipe)

3 Granola breakfast nests

– which I’m going to call Anzac breakfast nests (click here for the recipe). Aren’t they beautiful?

4 Healthy Anzac chocolate breakfast bars

These breakfast bars look like they’d make a pretty delicious little lunchbox snack too. (click here for the recipe)

Anzac apple crumble

5 Anzac apple crumble

This is another of my own creations and if it’s cool where you are, makes a delicious warming breakfast after the dawn ceremony. (click here for the recipe)

Vegan buckwhat ANZAC biscuits

6 Vegan, buckwheat ANZACS

Some people are lovers of buckwheat flour, some are not. I am a serious fan and often use it in my baking – it’s a great gluten-free alternative with lots of nutritional value. (click here for the recipe)

7 Wholefood, dairy-free Anzac biscuits

I’m going to be making these ones with my boys again this year. (click here for the recipe)

8 Quick, easy & delicious Anzacs

These ones are made in the Thermomix or food processor making them really quick and easy. They do contain nuts though so probably not one for the lunchbox. (click here for the recipe)

There you go! I’m still undecided about which one’s I’ll make on the 25th but number 7&8 are in the lead so far.

And to our ANZACS – Lest we forget xx

8 Healthy ANZAC recipes for ANZAC day- gluten free, dairy free and sugar free recipes
8 Healthy ANZAC recipes for ANZAC day- gluten free, dairy free and sugar free recipes

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