The internet has an abundance of resources for online entrepreneurs but sometimes it can be hard to sift through all the information. That’s why I love books. Today I’m sharing my 12 must read books for online entrepreneurs.

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12 must read books for online entrepreneurs - to view the list visit

12 must read books for online entrepreneurs

Over the Christmas holidays in 2016/2017 I bought a stack of books. My husband thought I was mad and that there was no possible way I’d get through them but… yep you guessed it. I proved him wrong and I powered through the pile of 7 books.

I love reading and having time to do it while the kids were napping and I had nothing else to do, was wonderful.

There’s not really a particular genre that I prefer but ever since then, I’ve been a little bit obsessed with business and mindset related books.

Every time I visit the library with my boys I come home with at least one business-type book (even if it is a web marketing book from 2001!).

Below I’ve compiled a list of 12 must read books for online entrepreneurs that I have personally read and loved in the last two years.


Think and grow rich

A friend of mine was given this book by her father when she finished school and she has gifted it to bother her teenage children. Think and Grow Rich is an oldie but a goodie and explores the difference between people who can make it financially and those who don’t (and how you can be the former).


Biology of belief

Biology of belief is written by a cell biologist who teaching how your thoughts can impact your cells and therefore your body and your life. It’s seriously fascinating. 

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Deep work

Deep work – it’s how you can get ‘it all’ done even when you think you have no time. How getting really focussed on one thing can really impact your business and your life. 


Profit first

Profit first is probably the number one book I’d recommend if you have your own business. After I implemented the Profit First System, I have consistently made a profit from my business. It really is transformational. 

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The one thing

The one thing will help you not just in your business but in every aspect of your life. It even helped me plan my son’s Birthday party when I was stressing out about it. This one is a good one to combine with Essentialism. 

Daring greatly

I love Brene Brown and if you haven’t watched her Ted Talk you should. Daring greatly is… well like it says on the cover ‘if you want to live more fully, just read this book.’

The four hour work week

The four hour work week has been around for a while and while I don’t agree with it in it’s entirety, I do believe that reading it can open your mind to greater possibilities. 

The big leap

The big leap is a must read for those who want to stop working for someone else and start doing what they’re doing on their own. It really breaks it down into what it takes. 

The miracle morning

I credit The miracle morning for being able to write two mega eBooks while pregnant with my second baby/having a newborn and toddler. It was getting up early and following the methods in this book that helped me write Bub Grub and Crawler Cuisine to Toddler Tucker

Virtual freedom

If you want to truely be able to make a passive income and not be chained to exchanging your time for money then Virtual freedom is a must read. 

Moonwalking with Einstein

Ok so this one isn’t directly business related but I found Moonwalking with Einstein so interesting. It’s about a guy (Joshua Foer) who trained himself up in just one year to win the US memory championships. The method he teaches in the book for memorising things is incredible and to this day, I remember the practice list they gave us… jar of pickled onions, tub of cream cheese, smoked salmon, three bottles of win, a hoolahoop, a snorkel, email Sophia and a skin colour catsuit. How random is that?!?

Big Magic

Yes it’s written by the author of Eat Pray Love but Big Magic is anything but a foodie’s fantasy in Tuscany. I can’t really explain why it was so awesome but if you do anything at all creative (really everyone is creative in some way) then you have to read it. 


Essentialism… it’s essential reading. Enough said. 

I hope you enjoyed 12 must read books for online entrepreneurs. You might also like to know 3 quick ways to get more followers on Instagram.


12 must read books for online entrepreneurs - to view the list visit 12 must read books for online entrepreneurs - to view the list visit 12 must read books for online entrepreneurs - to view the list visit 12 must read books for online entrepreneurs - to view the list visit