‘Free flowers’

Having fresh flowers on my ‘desk’ (read kitchen table) makes my day just that bit prettier. The downside – I’m too cheap to buy flowers. Instead, I stealthily pick a few blooms on my morning walks and arrange them in cute little vases around our house. The colours at the moment are just beautiful and as I write this I’m looking at (and smelling) today’s Jasmine and lavender pickings.

Picking my own flowers is just one thing I do to save a few bucks here and there so I’ve got more money to spend on the important things, like food!

I’m not completely stingy I just hate to waste money so in this week’s video, I’m sharing my top 10 tips to save money in the kitchen. I’m getting better at making the video in fewer takes but I wish I had a production crew to tell me to stop waving my hands around (I actually had to edit out a section where I gave a double thumbs up!). It would also be nice to have one of my production crew holding up numbered cards so I don’t lose track of the tips.

Bonus points to anyone who can figure out who I start channeling when I get to tip 10 (hint – Friday night Aussie TV). I have no idea where that came from! The tips might seem glaringly obvious to most of you but when I figured them out, I wondered why I’d never thought of them before.


For those of you who can’t watch the video, here are my top 10 tips for saving money in the kitchen:

  1. boil the kettle once in the morning and fill a thermos for instant tea and coffee
  2. cut dishwasher tablets in half
  3. use white vinegar to clean the dishwasher instead of expensive dishwasher cleaners
  4. re-use teabags for more than one cup of tea
  5. drink tap water
  6. ditch the paper towel and use rags instead
  7. use cloth napkins instead of paper
  8. make your own regular grocery items like muesli, tortillas, taco seasoning
  9. grow your own herbs
  10. use substitutes instead of running out to the supermarket for one missing ingredient

What about you? What’s your top savings tip for the kitchen?


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