Gluten free carrot cake pikelets

I have been meaning to make some more snack-like foods for Ollie for a few weeks now. I’m talking finger foods that I can give him to nibble on while I’m making his meal to distract him for a little while. I’ve never met a kid who didn’t like pikelets so that was my first […]

No bake chocolate coconut slice

Warning – seriously addictive recipe coming up that is way too easy to make meaning it’s even more addictive because you can whip up another batch the second the first one is finished. Wow that was a mouthful (she says through a mouthful of choc-coconut slice). I’m not kidding, this is good. Really good. Will […]

Paleo chocolate almond balls

I thought I was prepared before Ollie arrived. Not prepared as in prepared to be a mother (not sure you can really be totally prepared for that), I mean prepared as in stocking the pantry, having a stash of meals in the freezer and enough toilet paper and dishwashing tablets to last at least 6 […]

Four ingredient banana oat biscuits

You know those recipes that you see that immediately make you run to the kitchen to try? For me it’s either that they look so ridiculously tasty I have to have them or they seem so easy I must give it a go to believe it. When I saw four ingredient banana oat biscuits on […]

Dairy free raspberry passionfruit and oat smoothie

Miss Sydney sent me a snapchat yesterday morning. ‘My boots’ first outing for the season.’ I replied with ‘no boots here just bootcamp.’ The weather it just one of the reasons I love living in Queensland. While other states are starting to feel the chill creeping in, there’s just a slight hint of cool in […]

Raw coconut macadamia cheesecake

In the early weeks after Ollie arrived, what I craved most was homemade sweets – cakes, slices, breads, I wanted them all ,but not having time to bake, I didn’t get to fulfil the cravings very often. I had to rely on the kindness of family and friends and always welcomed someone bringing baked goods. […]

Healthy potato salad

I have loved being pregnant so far (although the fat feet have started to get to me recently) but the food thing has been a bit hard as you can expect for a big eater like me. My doctor is very relaxed about the whole thing and tells me I can eat whatever I want […]

Carrot muffins for the Secret Recipe Club

I talk about my blogging friends so much that even mum knows who I’m talking about when I mention a few of your names even the ones I’ve never met in person. I never realised there’d be a social side to blogging and it was a very welcome surprise. One of the things I love […]

Healthy chocolate thickshake

This thickshake is good. Really good. So good that after adding the photos to the post I wanted one so badly I had to go and make myself a glass. I’m back, with a belly full of thickshake, to share my recipe. I posted something very similar a while back but my new and improved […]

Compost quiche

There’s been a lot of talk about compost cookies lately. If you haven’t heard of them, they seem to be a sweet biscuit with lots of random items like corn chips, pretzels and chocolate chunks thrown in. They sound like a rather delicious way to use up the dregs of packets of things when there’s […]

Berry mango roll ups

I’m learning all sorts of new things growing a teeny tiny human. One thing I didn’t know is that they have growth spurts. Ok so that’s not a proven fact but I’m going to say that’s the reason why last Monday and Tuesday no matter how much I ate I was still ravenous and ready […]

Frango ice cream – sugar-free

I go through phases with dessert. I can go for weeks without having it at all then one night I’ll feel like a little something sweet and weeks will pass where I can’t finish dinner without having dessert. When I’m being healthy it’s usually some fruit or yoghurt but when I have a lack of […]

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