Caramelised onion and blue cheese sausage rolls

Whenever I think of party food my brain always goes straight to sausage rolls. It’s really not a party here in Australia unless you have them. Years ago, party sausage rolls used to mean the frozen variety that come in a box and have little indents down the log so you can snap off however […]

Thai larb moo (minced pork salad)

Knock knock. Who’s there? Claire Claire who? Claire K lack of creations! Yes that’s how creative I am today I can’t even think of an exciting way to open my post! What I can tell you is that today’s recipe is delicious. It’s what I would call a Thai take on the Chinese sang choi […]

Citrusy polenta cake with raspberry swirl

We have this little tradition in my family of ‘cocktail hour.’ It’s not your traditional round of martinis but every night at around 6pm we have a drink and a few chips. My most favourite combination is tasty cheese CCs and a diet coke or as I like to call it CCs and DC. I […]

Pad See Ew – ‘Thai mac and cheese’

My sister bought us tickets to the Brisbane Comedy Festival for Christmas and last Thursday night was our night. I love going to shows during the week but I often face the dinner dilemma. The show was at 7.15pm. To eat before, which would be about 6pm (we normally eat between 7.30 and 8) or […]

Gluten-free bitter lemon and almond cake with stawberry glaze

I love Twitter. I still find it so cool that I can write a message to anyone anywhere in the world and get a reply. On the day of the baby shower I tweeted Garry Younberry (the channel 9 weather man up here in Queensland) to ask if I should set a table outside. He […]

Mini white chocolate and raspberry no-bake cheesecakes

There are only so many series of D-grade celebrities going head-to-head, people starving themselves on deserted islands, racing around the world, dancing their feet off and belting out songs that I can take. I think I have finally reached my reality TV threshold. Big Brother had the idea. They saw that their time was up […]

Five minute focaccia bread – the cure for a bad day

Do you ever have those days where time seems to fly and nothing gets done? Ok I know everyone does but today is not my day. First up I turned off my alarm and went back to sleep instead of jumping up and heading out to the gym like I normally do. This does not […]

Warm mushroom and soba noodle salad

It wasn’t until about two years ago that mushrooms and I were properly introduced. Before then I thought of them as the slightly ugly vegetable that I didn’t really know what to do with. As you know I’ve come a long way in my food exploring and now I love them. They’re one of my […]

Chicken and chickpea pilaf

I had a fantastic time in South America but one thing I did miss about home was cooking. I know, some people might think I’m crazy. Don’t get me wrong, having other people cook for you is great but I like to get in the kitchen. I love finding recipes and testing them out and […]

60 calorie spaghetti – yes it’s true!

This Friday, I have my first fitting for my wedding dress. It’s starting to all feel very real and so exciting! The dressmaker had two openings for my appointment; 2pm & 3pm. My preference – 3pm so that gives us time to go out to lunch before. He was a little shocked. I don’t think […]

Spinach and feta pastry wands – supporting Starlight Children’s Foundation

My mum and dad do a lot of good work for the Starlight Children’s Foundation. If you haven’t heard of them, they grant wishes for seriously ill children. It’s a wonderful cause. I’ve been with mum when she’s granted a few wishes and seeing their little faces light up is just priceless. In order to […]

Turkey quesadillas – leftover turkey

Going to a party hosted by my mother you can be assured of one thing – you will never go home hungry. I have definitely inherited this hostess gene from mum and nearly always over-cater when I entertain. I’d much rather eat leftovers for a week than have people looking at the clock waiting until […]

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