In my kitchen – September

Seriously how is it September already? I thought the year was going quickly before but it seems like yesterday that we bought our new house and that was mid May! It doesn’t help that I have my growing stomach as a reminder of how fast time is flying by although I’m happy to have such […]

Garlic and soy steak with smashed potatoes

Every year I say the same thing. ‘I’m going to learn to sew this year.’ Every year it gets to the end of the year and my sewing skills are still severely lacking, okay non-existent. Not this year though. On Thursday I had my first sewing lesson with my very patient Aunt/new teacher. See that […]

Garlic Bugs on the Barbeque

My dad does excellent Moreton Bay Bugs on the barbeque and on Saturday night I had to have them. Unfortunately dad wasn’t around so we couldn’t con him into having us over. It was all up to me. It was tricky tracking down raw bugs but we eventually found them at Sammie’s Girl Seafood in […]

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