My grey and yellow baby shower

On Saturday I was the luckiest mumma-to-be in town. In case you haven’t guessed it yet, the theme for our nursery is yellow, grey and white (I’ll share some pics in Jan when we’re totally set up) and so it was the theme for my beautiful ¬†grey and yellow baby shower. Mum did nearly everything […]

How to host a baby shower (or any other girly party)

Call me crazy but I really love hosting parties from a little intimate dinner to a 20-30 people baby shower. As long as I’m organised, I’m pretty good at staying stress free and pulling it off smoothly. It’s when I’m without a plan that I tend to break down in a stress heap that involves […]

How to make butterfly cakes and easy mini jellies

The first butterfly cakes I ever made were from a recipe my grandma gave me. I love baking anything from her old recipes so was eager to try them. Really, butterfly cakes are just jazzed up plain iced cupcakes but there’s something just so delicate and pretty about them. My theme for the baby shower […]

Easy peasy white chocolate pink cake pops

A few months ago I wrote about my friend Sarah’s announcement that she is pregnant with twins! She is looking so fantastic and we’re all exploding with excitement (yes this year is a seriously exciting one) to meet her two little girls. Last Saturday, I hosted a pretty-in-pink baby shower for the mother-to-be. The day […]

Silent Sunday from the land of pink

      Stay tuned for lots of sweet pink recipes!

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