My seven links – a trip down memory lane

I’m a little bit late with this but I thought it was the perfect way to start year two of Claire K Creations. Last month, Not Quite Nigella posted her My 7 Links. It’s a little bit of a trend going around the blogosphere (although I fear I have missed the boat) where you nominate seven of your posts under seven categories. At the end of your round-up, you nominate 5 more bloggers to continue. It’s a bit of an internet game of tag or old-school chain mail. So why me? At the end of her link round-up Lorraine nominated me to continue. So without further ado…

Most beautifulMy favourite photo

My favourite photo

I’m still yet to take a photo that I’m more proud of. I know, technically it’s probably not a very good photo but I love how eerie the water looks and if you look closely, there is a Fijian man in traditional dress standing on the pontoon AND you can see stars in the sky, something I’m yet to recreate.

Most popularNigella’s salted crunchy nut bars

Salted Crunchie nut bars

Nigella’s salted Crunchy nut bars are the most viewed items on my blog. Astonishingly, they account for 5% of my total traffic in the last year. They were a huge hit at the Christmas party I made them for too.

Most controversialSalted caramel macarons

Salted caramel macarons

I haven’t really written any controversial posts as yet so I’m nominating this one because it’s the only post where I’ve received a negative comment. It was so mean I actually deleted it. In the post I admitted how terrible looking these were but I was sharing my failure in the hope someone might learn from it. The commenter expanded on how bad these were with quite a few nasty words :-(.

Most helpfulHow to glaze a ham

Christmas ham

My Christmas ham post received quite a few hits. I am in charge of the ham for my family every year and since Will and my first Christmas living together, I’ve started a tradition of baking a ham on Christmas tree day (December 1st) as well.

A post whose success surprised me – Giant macaron cake

Giant macaron cake

I was terrified making this cake. This was the first time Google let me down when I was looking for hints on how to create a giant macaron. I was completely on my own but very surprisingly, it worked!

A post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved -Muesli


This is one of my favourite things to have for breakfast and such a money saver making it yourself. It wasn’t my most popular post though.

The post that I am most proud of -Shanghai Dumplings

Shanghai Dumplings - Jia Jia Tang Bao

I’m proud of this one for a few reasons. Firstly, I’m proud that I found it. Admittedly we walked for over an hour hunting down this place and Will was oh-so-patient with me. Secondly, we walked into a place that had no English signage or menus and was definitely not somewhere frequented by tourists. Finally, this is the biggest thing for me cause I used to be such a fussy eater, I tried something that I had no idea what I was eating. It was so much fun!

That wraps up my little trip down memory lane. I would like to nominate Katy, Kay-Lynn, Nic, Charlie and Andrea.


  • Nic@diningwithastud

    Reply Reply October 17, 2011

    I cant believe someone was nasty to you! Thats so awful 🙁 macarons are hard to make, I’d like to see them try!

    • Claire

      Reply Reply October 17, 2011

      I know 🙁 They claimed they were so easy and how could I have possibly messed them up?!

  • Fun reading your top 7. I’m putting the Muesli on my must try list.

    • Claire

      Reply Reply October 16, 2011

      It’s really yummy Barbara. I mix it up with different nuts and seeds too.

  • Great list Claire! And I remember these posts well-and Christmas is coming up so a lot of those crunchie bars sounds the perfect order. Sorry to hear about that negative comment. One time I received a really mean one but instinctively I thought to look up the IP address as I can see them. Amusingly, it matched that of another blogger who had previously left a normal comment! Seems like they had a nasty side! 😮

    • Claire

      Reply Reply October 15, 2011

      Thanks! Yes I think I might have to whip up a few more bars this year. They’re so easy too! My nasty comment was a new visitor. I’m all for people being honest but there’s no need to be mean.

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