How to declutter your iPhone

How to declutter your iPhone via

How to declutter your iPhone via

How to declutter your iPhone. I know, it’s a far stretch from the usual recipes you see around here but I’m taking a bit of a, I won’t say change of direction, more extending my reach a bit.

There’s so much more than just food that I want to share with you.

In the last couple of years I have suffered greatly from overwhelm, anxiety, stress and just feeling like I couldn’t get on top of things.

I know I’m not the only one who feels or has felt this way so I’m going to share everything that has helped me, in the hope that it might just help you.

A few months ago, I decluttered my iPhone.


Have a look around you right now. How many different things can you see?

Yeah you think I’m mad don’t you? It would take you forever to count them all right?

How do you feel about it? Even if it’s ‘nothing’ to you, our poor little brains are having to process every tiny thing and decide if it’s relevant to us or not.

The same goes for our phones (which we check 8 times an hour!!!).

All those apps and flashing alerts.
How to declutter your iPhone and declutter your mind

On the left of the photo above is my husband’s stressed-out, alert-filled phone right now (he doesn’t quite agree with my assessment though).

On the right is mine… which makes you feel calmer?

I’m going to guess that you said the second one.

I’ve converted my phone to look like… well a phone.

All I have on the home screen is the phone, messages, WhatsApp (cause that’s how I talk to my sister in Canada) and a folder with ALL my apps.

I shared a little how to declutter your iPhone tutorial video and why this makes such a difference to my mental state in the Facebook group.

If you could do with a little less clutter and want an easy place to start then here it is…

If you’re feeling really overwhelmed, like you just can’t get on top of life and don’t even know where to start, join my free TLC Challenge. We kick off August 13.


  • narelle

    Reply Reply August 18, 2017

    I am going to do this. Your tips have made it really simple. Overwhelm of knowing how to do it is gone.

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