Broccoli tots (with cheddar)

Broccoli tots (with cheddar) via

Happy cheese week! Ok so it’s not officially cheese week but I have declared it so over on Facebook. I’ve been sharing all my favourite cheese recipes like carrot, corn and cheddar muffins, cheddar and poppy seed crackers and homemade ricotta. Cheese is definitely one of my favourite foods and ingredients. I missed Brie more…

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Blueberry and oat muffins (gluten & dairy free)

Blueberry oat muffins via

Last week I did a juice cleanse. Last week I discovered how much I really love food. The actual cleanse (I got a free trial from Schkinny Maninny) was pretty good. All the juices were really tasty and I wasn’t all that hungry. On the third day I woke up feeling really refreshed and energised.…

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Chocolate breakfast smoothie

I am on day two of a three-day juice cleanse. I got the email from Schkinny Manniny last year when I was breastfeeding and right in the thick of newborn haze so put it aside then promptly forgot about it. January rolled around and it’s all new years resolution this and new fad that and…

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Maple pumpkin and walnut pasta salad with chicken

Maple pumpkin and walnut pasta salad with chicken via

I never used to be a salad eater. Years ago salad to me was the good old lettuce leaves, some chopped tomato and cucumber drenched in dressing that you used to get as a side with fish and chips, sandwiches, really anything that came with ‘salad.’ Now I can sort of say that I’ll eat…

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Choc-almond and rosewater bliss balls

Chocolate almond and rose Bliss Balls via

Valentine’s Day. I’m not all that into it. I’d rather have flowers on a random day of the week than over-priced roses on a day that we’re told they should be given. For the extortionate price imagine what sort of beautiful bunch you could get on a random Tuesday? Yes, ok so it kind of…

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Beach ball piñata cake

Beach ball piñata cake via

I am now the mother of a two year old. Nope doesn’t seem any more true even putting it in words. But yes, despite my denial, Ollie turned two last Friday and on Saturday we threw a ball-themed party to celebrate. The invitations went out a few weeks ago while we were still on holidays…

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Party sausage rolls

My friend The Doc has a younger sister. Well actually she has two but for the purposes of this story I’m referring to the older of her two younger sisters (are you confused yet?) who is a great friend of my younger sister. I’m going to call her The Designer because she’s an interior designer…

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Raw lamington bites

Raw lamington bites via

I’ve sort of taken it on as my mission to make healthier versions of every possible thing I can. Look out sweet treats I’m out to get you with my equally delicious not-so-naughty adaptations. Today’s victim – the humble lamington – is now raw lamington bites. You might ask ‘what has the poor lamington done…

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Coconut bread

Coconut bread via

I first met Bill when I was in Sydney for a pre-wedding girls weekend with Mum and one of my bridesmaids about 5 years ago. The morning was a bit stressful. I’m not a big shopper at the best of times. I know that wedding dress shopping should be super fun but for some reason…

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Choc nut and cranberry biscuits

Choc nut and cranberry biscuits via

Cookies, biscuits, whatever you call them one thing seems to be consistent the world over – everyone has a recipe for a chocolate chip version. Some like them crunchy, some like them chewy for others they must be a bit of both (I think I’m in that camp). My Christmas version of the classic biscuit…

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Macadamia Dukkah

Macadamia Dukkah via

Working for myself has so so many benefits the best of which being that I get to be home with my boys but there are a few things I miss out on. Besides daily interaction with more than a few adults the thing that I really missed was Secret Santa. I remember when I was…

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Gingerbread cupcakes

Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year isn’t it? Just so much delicious food. There’s the ham, oh the ham and the turkey (if you can manage not to dry it out – we’ve had a successful few years), the desserts, the canapes. Well yes there are other magical aspects of Christmas…

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