How to declutter your iPhone

How to declutter your iPhone via

How to declutter your iPhone. I know, it’s a far stretch from the usual recipes you see around here but I’m taking a bit of a, I won’t say change of direction, more extending my reach a bit. There’s so much more than just food that I want to share with you. In the last…

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Mulberry jam

When I was growing up we had a giant mulberry tree in our driveway. Come to think of it, it might have been in our neighbour’s backyard but it hung over our driveway so that made those berries ours right? My sister used to eat them by the bowlful and I can still remember her…

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Spinach pumpkin and feta fritters

Pumpkin spinach and feta fritters via

Ah winter. Every year I dread your arrival. I’m not a cold bunny. I don’t deal well with being cold. I’m quite like a hibernating bear actually. I love cooking warming foods, rugging up and bunkering down until the warmth of summer arrives. Ok so a cold day here is just under 20 (celcius) but…

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Quick and easy salad dressings

Salad used to be a dirty word for me. It was the days of the iceberg lettuce, halved cherry tomatoes, sliced cucumber and red onion smothered in some sort of vinaigrette. You know – the type of salad you used to get on the side – probably still do at some – when you order…

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Shredded beef

Slow cooked shredded beef via

The slow cooker is my best friend. Alright so I might exaggerate slightly but you’ve probably heard me say before just how much I like it. How can you not like something that you can literally put two ingredients in, turn it on and walk away then come back to it 8 hours later and…

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White chocolate & raspberry blondies

A boss walks into his office one day to find one of his blonde female workers hanging from the ceiling. ‘What are you doing?!?’ he asks. ‘I’m a light bulb, I’m a light bulb,’ she responds. ‘You’ve clearly lost it, I think you should go home for the day,’ The blonde gets down from the…

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Simple Substitutes

I’ve mentioned before why I’m not a huge fan of supermarkets. Tantruming kids (mine), waaay too much choice, clutter, buying things that weren’t on the list… want me to go on? I grocery shop once-a-month and pop in about once a week to pick up some milk with cash. My system is pretty good but…

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Once a month shopping

Once a month shopping Have you seen the movie ‘The Minimalists’? It’s pretty awesome. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say you’ll likely be like me the first time you watch it and think ‘oh no I couldn’t do that!’ and then over the following weeks start looking around your house…

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Meal planning

There are a  lot of things that I feel badly about doing when I was little now that I’m a Mum. A great deal of them are food-related. I actually feel very badly for what I must have put my poor mother through with my fussy eating. For every night that I whinged when you…

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Glass jars in the kitchen

Ooh these are just too cute. It was a breakfast buffet in Buenos Aires right at the beginning of a five-week trip around South America and Mum and I just had to have them. Every morning for the four days we were there, we squirrelled them away like we were 007 on a secret mission…

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Ask Claire take one

Last Friday night, I put on a bit of lip gloss, dimmed the lights, poured myself a glass of wine (which is pretty rare for me) and settled down for… my first live Q&A session via Facebook Live. Wow it was awesome. I loved it! So many great questions and I loved being able to…

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How to make scented soy candles

Vanilla candle

I have a little bit of a craft obsession. I’m not what you’d consider good at it but I still love cracking out the scissors and glue, colouring in, fabric, stitching, paper, painting – yes I would thrive as a kindy teacher in the craft section (because they all have a special section for crafting…

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