Best ever easy chicken nuggets

Best ever easy chicken nuggets via

Efficient is kinda my middle name. (I’ll get to the easy chicken nuggets I promise) I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve said to my husband that his way of doing something is inefficient. Yep I’m a real pleasure to live with sometimes. It’s probably why I didn’t go very well working in…

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How to keep the kids kitchen stuff under control

How to keep the kids kitchen stuff under control via

I’m going to share a little change I made in our kitchen that has made a BIG difference to my sanity levels (aka how to keep the kids kitchen stuff under control). A few months ago, I’d put the kids to bed and I was doing the big pickup… you know all the stuff that…

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Super quick wholefood vanilla cupcakes

Super quick wholefood vanilla cupcakes via

I’m a celebration cake kinda girl (read on for the recipe for super quick wholefood vanilla cupcakes). I love making Birthday cakes and even better if there’s a theme. Now I’m no pro, there aren’t any sculptured edible decorations (well apart from the monkey I made for my older son’s 1st Bday cake) but I…

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Why exercise for me has nothing to do with weight or fitness

I used to sweat it out at the gym. I was there at 5.30am waiting for them to open their doors so I could run on the treadmill before my 6am spin class so I had time to get home, shower, have breakfast and get to work. I had a heart rate monitor but I…

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How to make baby wipes

How to make baby wipes via www.clairekcreations.c

Before I became a mum, I was going to be an ‘earth mother.’ Not in a hippy, wear cloth clothes and let my armpit hairs grow sort of earth mother but I was going to do everything naturally. Everything would be organic. I would make every meal that passed through their beautiful little cherub lips.…

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Hello Fresh saved my week

Hello Fresh via

Hello Fresh saved my week that started pretty sh!t! Sundays are usually the day I do our meal planning and prep. They’re also usually the day I get to laze in bed while my husband gets the kids up. You can only ever really say usually with kids can’t you? Always doesn’t seem to be…

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Decluttering kids toys

Decluttering kids toys via

Decluttering kids toys Before we started decluttering kids toys, I used to have this argument with my husband… Husband: (after cleaning up the toys for 30 minutes) ‘They have too many toys we need to get rid of some.’ Me: ‘You don’t understand. I need so many toys to keep them entertained.’ So then I’d…

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A mum with anxiety

Being a mum with anxiety

RUOK? Are you ok? Are you okay? I am a mum with anxiety. Wow I don’t think I’ve actually written those words before. I may seem to the outside world that I totally have my shit together. I may look ‘put together,’ people may ask me how I ‘do it all,’ and you might think…

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How to use soapberries or soapnuts

How to use soap berries or soap nuts

Soap berries or soap nuts are an all-natural, biodegradable, toxin-free alternative to washing detergent that can actually be used to replace many items around the home. Let me show you how to use soapberries or soapnuts. How to use soapberries or soapnuts I’m a massive nerd at heart. Nothing gets my little heart beating more…

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How to declutter your iPhone

How to declutter your iPhone via

How to declutter your iPhone. I know, it’s a far stretch from the usual recipes you see around here but I’m taking a bit of a, I won’t say change of direction, more extending my reach a bit. There’s so much more than just food that I want to share with you. In the last…

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Mulberry jam

When I was growing up we had a giant mulberry tree in our driveway. Come to think of it, it might have been in our neighbour’s backyard but it hung over our driveway so that made those berries ours right? My sister used to eat them by the bowlful and I can still remember her…

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Spinach pumpkin and feta fritters

Pumpkin spinach and feta fritters via

Ah winter. Every year I dread your arrival. I’m not a cold bunny. I don’t deal well with being cold. I’m quite like a hibernating bear actually. I love cooking warming foods, rugging up and bunkering down until the warmth of summer arrives. Ok so a cold day here is just under 20 (celcius) but…

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