Super quick wholefood vanilla cupcakes

Super quick wholefood vanilla cupcakes via

I’m a celebration cake kinda girl (read on for the recipe for super quick wholefood vanilla cupcakes). I love making Birthday cakes and even better if there’s a theme. Now I’m no pro, there aren’t any sculptured edible decorations (well apart from the monkey I made for my older son’s 1st Bday cake) but I…

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Why exercise for me has nothing to do with weight or fitness

I used to sweat it out at the gym. I was there at 5.30am waiting for them to open their doors so I could run on the treadmill before my 6am spin class so I had time to get home, shower, have breakfast and get to work. I had a heart rate monitor but I…

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How to make baby wipes

How to make baby wipes via www.clairekcreations.c

Before I became a mum, I was going to be an ‘earth mother.’ Not in a hippy, wear cloth clothes and let my armpit hairs grow sort of earth mother but I was going to do everything naturally. Everything would be organic. I would make every meal that passed through their beautiful little cherub lips.…

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Hello Fresh saved my week

Hello Fresh via

Hello Fresh saved my week that started pretty sh!t! Sundays are usually the day I do our meal planning and prep. They’re also usually the day I get to laze in bed while my husband gets the kids up. You can only ever really say usually with kids can’t you? Always doesn’t seem to be…

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Decluttering kids toys

Decluttering kids toys via

Decluttering kids toys Before we started decluttering kids toys, I used to have this argument with my husband… Husband: (after cleaning up the toys for 30 minutes) ‘They have too many toys we need to get rid of some.’ Me: ‘You don’t understand. I need so many toys to keep them entertained.’ So then I’d…

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A mum with anxiety

Being a mum with anxiety

RUOK? Are you ok? Are you okay? I am a mum with anxiety. Wow I don’t think I’ve actually written those words before. I may seem to the outside world that I totally have my shit together. I may look ‘put together,’ people may ask me how I ‘do it all,’ and you might think…

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How to use soapberries or soapnuts

How to use soap berries or soap nuts

How to use soapberries or soapnuts I’m a massive nerd at heart. Nothing gets my little heart beating more than experimenting with something that I don’t really think will work, only to have it work brilliantly. Over the years I’ve been on a bit of a quest to ditch the chemicals in our lives. Skincare…

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How to declutter your iPhone

How to declutter your iPhone via

How to declutter your iPhone. I know, it’s a far stretch from the usual recipes you see around here but I’m taking a bit of a, I won’t say change of direction, more extending my reach a bit. There’s so much more than just food that I want to share with you. In the last…

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Spinach pumpkin and feta fritters

Pumpkin spinach and feta fritters via

Ah winter. Every year I dread your arrival. I’m not a cold bunny. I don’t deal well with being cold. I’m quite like a hibernating bear actually. I love cooking warming foods, rugging up and bunkering down until the warmth of summer arrives. Ok so a cold day here is just under 20 (celcius) but…

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Quick and easy salad dressings

Salad used to be a dirty word for me. It was the days of the iceberg lettuce, halved cherry tomatoes, sliced cucumber and red onion smothered in some sort of vinaigrette. You know – the type of salad you used to get on the side – probably still do at some – when you order…

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Shredded beef

Slow cooked shredded beef via

The slow cooker is my best friend. Alright so I might exaggerate slightly but you’ve probably heard me say before just how much I like it. How can you not like something that you can literally put two ingredients in, turn it on and walk away then come back to it 8 hours later and…

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Simple Substitutes

I’ve mentioned before why I’m not a huge fan of supermarkets. Tantruming kids (mine), waaay too much choice, clutter, buying things that weren’t on the list… want me to go on? I grocery shop once-a-month and pop in about once a week to pick up some milk with cash. My system is pretty good but…

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