Basil, cake smashing and bread

Bread and more bread

Yes it’s more sourdough bread. It’s becoming a bit of  a theme around here. So much so that I need to hunt down a good place to buy a giant bag of bakers flour (or head out to Costco again but that is a big adventure!). I try to mix up a batch of sourdough starter every Thursday, make the dough Thursday night and bake a loaf Friday morning that way we always have fresh bread for the weekend when it seems to be needed the most.

I am loving the overnight method that I learned over at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial. It has made sourdough baking so much quicker and easier (and it was already pretty easy). I have also started baking it in my cast iron pot which makes it look even more professional. Watch out neighbours, there might be a sourdough stall coming to the street!


I also tried my hand at braiding bread last week and was a bit pleased with the results. Stay tuned Monday for the recipe. It’s actually really easy to do and perfect for making your bread look professional with just a tiny bit of extra effort.


I also did something I have only once before done and made ice-cream from scratch. Now some may say that using the Thermomix to make the custard is cheating. For me, I never would have attempted it otherwise because I always always burn custard and I didn’t want to waste the precious ingredients.

I mixed up the basic recipe from the book that comes with Thermi, chilled it then churned it in my ice-cream machine. It was a-ma-zing. Seriously it was the best vanilla ice-cream I think I have ever had in my life and I am not exaggerating. Will agreed. Now to experiment with other flavours.


On Sunday, we had a bit party for all the kiddies in mother’s group. There were 11 one-year-olds all up and someone had the brilliant idea of lining them all up with a cake each for a giant cake smash. It was hilarious. Ollie wanted his cake all to himself though and after posing for a few photos, walked away to eat his in peace.

If you’re interested – his cake is a healthy version of red velvet cake using beetroot. I must say, it looked terrible when it came out of the oven but was actually quite delicious and surprisingly rich.


Sunday was also a very big day here for another reason – Ollie’s first haircut. Our friend Nanette (she’s qualified don’t worry) cut it for him and did a beautiful job. Bye bye mullet boy.

ps if you’re on the Northside of Brisbane and looking for a hairdresser who comes to you, Nanette has just opened a few more days so has room for new clients.


The recent downpour coupled with some hot weather has sent my garden crazy. Plants have either keeled over and surrendered their lives or grown like Jack’s bean stalk. The basil was the later. Ollie loves pesto so I whipped up a batch in the Thermi for him and made use of the giant oversupply.

He nearly got a little extra protein when a giant snail fell out of the harvest.


Ollie’s favourite thing at the moment is hiding stuff. I got a nice little surprise at the bottom of the dirty clothes basket the other day. I have to admit, it made me laugh. I have also found such random items as a bottle of mouthwash, Will’s electric razor, a shoe and a can of deodorant. I swear I supervise him all the time he’s just so quick!

So what about you? What is the most random place your kids have hidden toys? Do you remember your secret hiding spot when you were younger?


  • Hotly Spiced

    Reply Reply March 2, 2015

    It’s so great that you’ve been bitten by the bread bug. I’m impressed with all your loaves. The cake smash sounds like lots of fun. I heard BNE has had so much rain so I hope you’ve managed to dry out xx

    • Claire

      Reply Reply March 2, 2015

      We have finally dried out Charlie but it’s still hot. The gardens are loving it that’s for sure! x

  • Helene

    Reply Reply March 2, 2015

    Claire, kids are so entertaining and our grandsons have the same tendency to hide things, the last being a firetruck under the blankets in the bed. They have hid mini-cars in our shoes and crayons in the slippers. Never a dull moment. It has been so cold here that I have not had the opportunity to make the starter. My house is cold and unsuited for baking bread. However, warmer days are ahead and I will be in the baking mode. Ollie makes me smile and I like that he keeps you on your toes. Much happiness is headed your way. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blogs. Please checkout our blog and you will see our grandsons.

    • Claire

      Reply Reply March 2, 2015

      They’re very cute Helen! Little boys sure do like to keep us on our toes. I wonder if little girls hide things too? I hope it warms up so you can make bread soon.

  • Diane

    Reply Reply March 1, 2015

    Life is such fun (and full of surprises) when you have young children. I remember one year, weeks after Easter, finding my sons’ Lego train under the bed in the spare room, with carriages full of tiny chocolate eggs. My boys weren’t really interested in eating Easter eggs, but loved playing with them. Thanks for bringing back memories…..

    • Claire

      Reply Reply March 1, 2015

      Aww that is so sweet Diane. They really are incredible little people aren’t they?

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