Christmas ideas 2016

I know you've been hearing a bit from me recently but truth be told, that was past me - all the posts you've been reading recently were written before little Cooper was born. I scheduled them ahead of time to give myself a bit of a break. While I'm not quite up to making and shooting recipes just yet (I made these in August!) I am missing rambling away about food to you. So what are today't ramblings about - maple butter biscuits - an easy, tasty and quick recipe that's perfect for Christmas gift giving. Did you know that with most biscuit doughs, you can make them ahead of time and freeze them then just defrost, bake and eat/gift. With most biscuits taking less than 12 minutes in the oven that means you can be eating fresh biscuits not long after you have the thought of them. It also means you always have emergency gifts on hand as long as you keep a little supply of wrapping like cellophane bags (my favourite!) and string. There's something about shortbread-like biscuits that just screams Christmas to me. Maybe it's the dusting of icing sugar reminding me of a white Christmas I hope to have one day. I've had one and it was pretty amazing but I'd love to have one with the boys some day. A little word of warning - when you whip the butter and maple syrup together you will create a pretty irresistable looking spread. I recommend eating before you make these so as to avoid grabbing something (a scone or crumpet would be rather nice) and spreading it with the maple butter. Mmm butter Sorry I digress. My brain is split in a million pieces at the moment and I'm writing this in a miraculous moment of overlapping naps. Now to see if I can knock any chores of the list. Enjoy!

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